carbon nanomaterials for concrete

Concrete Graph Mix

Concrete Graph Mix for any type of concrete.

Infinity Graph laboratory would like to share the results of research conducted by
our company’s specialists in the field of improving the properties of concrete
mixtures. Significant results in this direction have been achieved through the
incorporation of carbon nanomaterials, such as graphene into concrete. As a
result, the strength properties of concrete mixtures have significantly increased.
In addition, the heat capacity has increased significantly and the water
permeability has decreased.

Innovative affordable solution to make


Graphene-reinforced concrete:

Mixing concrete with graphene improved the following properties:

10 %
Compressive strength increase
10 %
Heat capacity increase
100 %
Water permeability reduction

Laboratory testing

Graphite peeling process in the liquid phase, using high shear mixing and additional use of surfactants. In this process, the graphite particles were stratified to graphene nanoparticles, and the surfactants prevented them from reuniting. The suspension of graphene nanoparticles thus obtained was then used to mix the concrete instead of water. Graphene-reinforced concrete.

Easy implement in production

Infinity Graph specialists have shown great prospects for using graphene. This method is low-cost, simple and can be implemented in the production process directly at the concrete production site.

Low costs

To get the previous improved properties, it is only necessary to replace water with our nano-mixture. The cost of the nano-mixture is about 5 euro cents per liter (it depends on the amount of raw material produced).

To bring this innovative technology into your concrete production our to get product sample, contact us.