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The main features of our expanded graphite extraction process

Easy and fast way to produce

With our know how it is very easy way to reproduce expandable graphite in large scale.

Mobile product manufacturing

Mobile product production from the ship, field and immediately apply the absorbent.

Easily customize for your industry

We will develop a production sourcing process for the specifics of your industry.

Low production costs

The cost of obtaining expanded graphite is very low. Feel free to contact us for a quote.
Expanded graphite can be used to create fire retardant paints.
Expanded graphite has a number of unique operational characteristics such as: elasticity, chemical inertness, a wide range of operating temperatures, process-ability, which makes it the most suitable material as gaskets for a wide range of technical equipment.
Expanded graphite can be used in these industries as a good absorbent and indispensable material for different gaskets.
Expanded graphite can be used to filtrate water from oil and heavy metal ions.
Expanded graphite can be very useful in the electroslag melting of metal.
Expanded graphite is an excellent basis for creating composite materials by introducing atoms of various elements between graphite layers. Thus, we can obtain materials with a wide range of applications. For example – radar absorbing materials, catalysts for various chemical reactions and others.
Expanded graphite can be used for manufacturing of different soundproof materials, thermal insulation materials and lining coatings: thermo, fire, chemical – radiation resistant.
Expanded graphite can be used to create electric heaters, batteries, capacitors and thermo-electric generators.
Expanded graphite can be used to modify sealing rubber. This makes the rubber more elastic, frost-resistant and improves its tribomechanical characteristics.

We will bring production of Expandable Graphite to your industry.


We perform experiments on graphene production,
with the aim to obtain the most pure graphene.

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Certificate that confirms the safe use of large amounts of expanded graphite in waters.
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Long Years Of Studies In Laboratory To Create Environmentally Friendly Technologies!

Infinity Graph Laboratory studies the properties of graphite and graphene, resulting in the development of various technologies for the use of this mineral. The laboratory employs a variety of specialists, who are united by a common goal – to create technologies that protects and restores the planet’s ecology.

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